We Need You to Ante Up!

This spring, I will be moving to Bridgeport, CT and I can’t wait.  I am all set to move but I hear my new digs need a few more home improvements. Construction is coming along and just a few more details will make it home sweet home for me and my friends, the Rhea, Chacoan peccary and Vicuna.  But if we plan to move in by spring we need you to “ante” up today. 
The Zoo has raised $500,000 towards our goal of $650,000 and recently secured $75,000 in a matching pledge.  That means every dollar you give now will be matched dollar for dollar making our new home ready this spring.
Our new Pampas Plains exhibit will be a great home for us.  And you will love the elevated walkway and viewing areas when you stop by to say hello.  My bags are almost packed and I have a non-refundable plane ticket to Connecticut.  Please give today so I can see you this spring.
See you soon,
Giant Anteater   &      Gregg Dancho
Amazing Animal         Zoo Director
P.S. – Moving day is so close I can almost taste it!