Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are great ways to enhance your zoo visit. The kids slow down, really look for the clues and enjoy a little friendly competition, seeing who can get the right answer first. Clip boards and pencils always make it easier for children to keep track of their answers. For teachers, discussing the finished scavenger hunt makes a great post-activity and a good starting point for other related projects, whether they’re art-based, creative writing or research on a favorite animal. For families, they provide a great topic for the ride home from the Zoo!

Click below to select a scavenger hunt:
Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo Scavenger Hunt
Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo 'Who am I' Scavenger Hunt
Endangered and Threatened Species Scavenger Hunt at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
New World Tropics Scavenger Hunt
Endangered Species…Endangered Habitats
Who's at Home in Their Habitat?