Scout Badge Programs

Brownie Try Its

Learn what you need to know to take proper care of pets. Discuss the differences between care of pets and wild animals. Test your animal call skills as we play sound charades and get moving with "creature moves".

We'll learn what 4 things every habitat provides for the plants, animal and people living in it. Scouts will create their own habitat diorama. We'll take a hands-on look at one habitat's food chain, and explore nature on Zoo grounds with our living vs non-living scavenger hunt. <

Watching Wildlife
Investigate animal communication, discover animals that seasonally change their wardrobe, make a shopping list for your favorite Zoo animal and head to the wolf cabin for some scientific animal observation.

Cub Scouts

Become a naturalist for a day as we discover nature journaling, go birding, learn to identify native poisonous and venomous plants and animals. Explore a local food cahin and learn the significanc of Connecticut's wetlands.

Animal Care
Discover what's on the menu for wild animals and explore the relationship between teeth and food preferences. Investigate how habitats provide everything plants and animals need to survive and thrive and what pets vs wild animals need to thrive.

Jr. Girl Scout

Explore creature features with our animal tool box, learn about animal families playing our classification game, discuss some native threatened and endangered animals and focus on the details as we go out on grounds and sketch a Zoo animal.

Earth Connections
Play the Black Bear eco-game and learn how bears survive in the wild. "Read the Rings" and learn what trees can tell us. Discuss how plants and animals "adapt or perish". Learn how Zoos around the world help animals in danger.

Plant wildflower seeds in compostable cups, discuss the importance of conserving water, Learn about famous woman environmentalists who have made huge impacts on the health of our planet and create some "trashy" art.

Plants and Animals
Investigate plant and animal classification, learn how to identify common plants by their seeds and create some seed art, explore the concepts of domestic vs. wild vs tame and go on a Safari Scavenger Hunt.